Get Away From The Shop Floor

by Naz Khaliq | share | tweet | connect
One of the most common complaints I hear from many entrepreneurs who are running "lifestyle businesses" is that they really want to be working on their business, not in it, and most of all they don't want to be working all hours, one of the reasons they set up their own business.
If that is how you feel you are not alone. I regularly meet business owners who have started their business because of their passion or expertise in that area but have become ensconced on the "shop floor" - partly through habit and passion but also through what they see as necessity.
If that describes where you are with your business, I want to pose you some serious questions to determine if this plan is costing your business money, and not saving it as you might perceive.
Why could it be costing you money? What I see is that the majority of businesses run and operated like this have no strategic direction. They are the ones most often firefighting and with inherent difficulties as well as not being at their best when facing opportunity or changing and adapting to their marketplace.
Another question to ask is whether the business is lacking ideas and fresh thinking? Few things stay the same in business; things are constantly changing particularly in your local marketplace. Furthermore, ask yourself whether you are really monitoring the changes around you, especially the continuous changes in consumer behaviour. If you are a retailer these could be represented by footfall changes, shopper profiles, the way customers want or expect to pay and even pricing. If you are a service sector business it could be competition or new services offered.
The reality is that as a business owner, you will, especially in the start-up phase, be operating many roles from customer services, to finance, to maintenance, to HR and even to cleaner. I am sure you will also be the first one to admit that maybe this isn't healthy.
If this is striking a chord it is time to rethink your business plan. For many it may be impossible to change this norm immediately, but it is never too late to re-evaluate how your business is run. With all the businesses I meet there is one constant: they all want to grow. I want your business to grow and the starting point could be to find a way to look at your business differently and objectively. Dynamix can help you do this.
Dynamix Consultancy specialises in business consultancy for small businesses and brings not only a business finance perspective but a joined-up business planning capability, looking at areas such as your marketing mix and strategic planning. We have great experience in a broad range of business sectors and areas and would love to offer that knowledge base to help your business.
If you would like us to facilitate that change and help you understand where the value and opportunity exists, we would be delighted to assist.
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