Canterbury Squared

by Naz Khaliq | share | tweet | connect
This summer, local photographers Frankie And Friends Ltd have been working on a book of Canterbury in conjunction with Demezla Children's Hospice.

The book will be on sale in all the major local retailers by the autumn (including Waterstones and the Cathedral Gift Shop), and 100% of the profits from the book sales will be going to Demelza.

The book, called Canterbury Squared is a unique piece of artwork that is being produced right on our collective doorsteps. This project is a new way of looking Canterbury which captures details that most of us simply ignore.

Each street in Canterbury will be represented by a set of squares featuring abstract patterns, textures and colours found on the street, in a 3x3 grid.

Alone the squares are meaningless, but together they should represent the street in a way that feels familiar and 'right' to people who know those streets well.

Frankie And Friends have funded the creation of this book with the generous support of a number of local businesses, with Dynamix being the main project sponsor.

A KickStarter project to allow local residents to get involved and cover publishing costs has just launched and is available here:
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