Tax Returns

There are simple rules in place regarding tax returns. In theory every person in work is supposed to complete a tax return. However, if a person is employed, and their only income is employed income – then they don’t have to complete one as HMRC obtains the information through Real Time Information Reporting and End of Year documents from the employer.
However, if you are a higher rate taxpayer, Director/ Shareholder of your own Company or self-employed, you have a legal obligation to complete and file a tax return. Although, this can be a simple affair, sometimes it is easier to ask someone else to do it, and to use your time with the family or doing something else you enjoy. Using our professional advisors and team, we prepare hundreds of tax returns throughout the year for business owners and higher rate taxpayers.
Our charging philosophy is simple, we will complete the tax return for a fair price to both sides, so that asking us to complete it becomes worthwhile for you.

Tax Advice

There are seven taxes that the Government apply either to Businesses or individuals in this jurisdiction. We are able to provide advice on: Income tax; Capital gains tax; Inheritance tax; PAYE/ National Insurance; Corporation tax; VAT; Stamp duty. When recruiting tax staff, we look to recruit with ex Inland Revenue experience wherever possible, or CTA qualifications.
This means that the tax people you speak to can advise you and help you tax plan, and reduce your tax liability wherever possible.
In addition, to our own in house team, we also work closely with external associates who can provide advice in legitimate tax saving mechanisms, to ensure that high profit businesses can pay the right amount of tax … Not too much and not too little.
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